Yohann is a traveler who captures spontaneous situations encountered over the course of his trips through various cities around the world. Most people know him to be a “Gypsy Photographer”, free-spirited in his ways of working.

Yohann currently lives and works between Lisbon and Paris.

As one wades through Yohann’s work, reality takes shape through the spectator’s imagination. The boundaries between function and reality are blurred; the street and all things ordinary, moments unimportant to most, anonymous figures, all of these transformed into a stage filled with beautiful, decadent characters redefined in the ambiguous realm of “cool”. Snapshots of the enjoyment of a generation are amplified under the photographer’s lens, gathered and documented in a manner that captures the values of young adults caught in perpetual adolescence.

The work of Yohann is an illustrated feature of real places and events. There is no montage and from a technical perspective, Yohann is a strict and rigorous photographer. The atmosphere, lighting, situations, movements, the millisecond he chooses to capture represent his magical and bizarre vision of the world.

His photographs have been used around the globe for commercial and editorial use, appeared in blogs, newspapers, magazines, brochures, advertisements, travel guidebooks, and textbooks.


Selected Clients:

Visceral Tattoo
Ryan Stevenson
Basement Skate Shop
Condé Nast Traveler
Get The Shot
Sully Sefil
Laura Crowe & Him
Milli Millz
Summum Magazine
Many Vids

Selected Shows & Installations:
2018 | Music Is Life | Montreal, Canada
2018 | Monochrome | Montreal, Canada
2017 | World Walls | Bangkok, Thailand
2016 | Figuratively Full | Montreal, Canada
2016 | Massilia Civitas (Book Launch) | Marseille, France
2016 | Lost World | Paris, France
2014 | Urban It! | Rome, Italy
2012 | H&H | Montreal, Canada
2012 | Winterfest | Ottawa, Canada

Selected Interviews & Features:
2019 | Casual Magazine | France
2018 | Kabook | France
2018 | NuExpo | France
2018 | Exclusiv Magazine | United States
2018 | NuExpo | France
2017 | Viewbug Blog | United States
2017 | Inked | United States
2017 | KODD Magazine | France
2017 | Nakid | United States

Some pictures of Yohann LIBOT's website contain nudity and sexuality and are intended for a mature person. It's Fine Art Erotic Photography but it must not be accessed by anyone under the age of 18 (or the age of consent in the jurisdiction from which it is being accessed).